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SC intimate Products tells you how to take care of your sex toy about wash and store

Sex toys are a sure way to diversify your life. With their help you can study your own body, find the most sensitive areas and understand how you react to various kinds of stimulation. Or you can bring them into your room, using them together with your partner.
But that's not what this article is about, and we'd like to talk to you about how to properly cleanse, how often to do it, and how to keep your best friends.
Boil: yes or not
To properly care for your toy you need to know exactly what it is made of, because different materials require or do not tolerate certain cleaning products. The variety of materials from which sex devices are made is really extensive. However, all materials can be divided into two kinds: porous and non-porous.
The most important thing is to use porous materials, such as a mixture of silicone and polyvinylchloride, to make realistic dildos and male masturbators. They imitate a living body, are hypoallergenic and very pleasant to the touch, but they are rather capricious to clean. They can be cleaned with mild soap, but not overdoing it: it can damage them. It is better to use a special cleaner for cleaning s*x toys. After washing the toy should be wiped with a soft dry cloth and let dry. And after that the device should be sprinkled with special talcum powder or powder and put into a cloth bag.
No less force is required to care for toys made of gel and PVC (this material is used to make, for example, a clitoral pump or stimulators). Such devices are susceptible to silicone-based lubricants (it is very difficult to wash it off the toy afterwards), high temperatures (i.e. scalding with boiling water is by no means allowed) and antiseptics containing alcohol. Such products can be washed with soap.
·Porous toys are those in the creation of which hard plastic, cyber leather, elastomer, rubber, nylon and neoprene, vinyl and leather were used. Such materials are absorbent, that is, they are capable of absorbing moisture.
Porous materials are sensitive to high temperatures and mechanical damage. Therefore, it is recommended to wash them with warm water and soap or a damp cloth and then wipe dry.
Much easier to care for toys made of non-porous materials, such 100% medical grade silicone, stainless steel, lacquered wood, borosilicate glass. They are easy to wash with the soap you use for yourself, but preferably without strong perfumes. Toy-cleaning experts also advise not to neglect progress and wash steel and silicone toys in the dishwasher without detergents. Important: Before you put the toy in the dishwasher, make sure it's waterproof. But here we would like to clarify that this method is more suitable for products made of steel, wood or glass. But toys made of silicone should not be placed in the dishwasher.
How to clean Toys
To keep your toys clean and yourself safe, follow a few simple rules:
1.Clean after each use.
We understand that after using the toy you want to relax and do nothing, but in any case you should not leave the toy "for later". You're going to take a shower anyway, just take the toy with you. If you keep unwashed device with other sex toys, it can contribute to the growth of bacteria.
2.Clean your devices "before"
Even if you keep your toys in a dark, secluded and clean place, they can still accumulate dust, hair or bacteria.
And if you don't clean them before using them, enjoyment can turn into serious trouble. All that has accumulated on the surface will get into your body.
3.Choose your cleanser right
You can wash your toys with ordinary soap without fragrance (you can also use scented soap if you are not embarrassed by the smell). But it is not recommended to use antibacterial soap. It can remain on the device and the next time you use it get inside and destroy the microflora (back to point 2).
Keeping Toys Properly
Store your toys in special cases that come with the toy. If not, any canvas, silk or velvet bag or cosmetic bag will do. The main thing is not to forget to wash them from time to time: even if you clean the toys regularly, there are probably bacteria in the apartment. Speaking of bacteria: they reproduce best in an airtight space. That is, a bag from the drugstore will not do - better a cosmetic bag.
If you have only one sex device and you're comfortable keeping it handy, you can even store it on your nightstand. Just don't forget to wash it before use. Dust, hair, kitty hair - you probably don't want it in you. Toys made of porous materials can be stored in a cabinet in the bathroom, and in a drawer for underwear, but before it is worth to put away washing powder, fragrance oils and perfumes - it can damage the sex device and cause irritation on the body. If it is a battery-operated vibrator, it is better to exclude the bathroom from the places of storage, too. And places near batteries, too. But even in this case it is better to take the batteries out of it and keep them separately.
Gel toys, latex, thermoplastic elastomer and polyvinylchloride toys should be stored separately: if stored "in one pile" the material may come into contact with each other, damaging the top layer or leaving stains on the surface. You can store 100% silicone vibrators together: nothing will happen to them. But realistic dildos, after cleaning and drying - only in an individual bag and only in a place protected from heat and sunlight.
When it's time not to wash, but to throw away
If you take care of your sex toy according to the instructions and store it properly, it will last long enough. The shortest service life is with devices made of porous materials: even a very good toy cleaner does not clean it 100% thoroughly. If the toy stains or smells strange, it is time to replace it.
Another common and offensive reason for the reduction in the lifetime of silicone and gel sex devices is pets, who perceive such a toy as something that can be chewed. If the pet put his teeth or claws on the device, alas, the device will have to be thrown out: scratches and damages form a breeding ground for bacteria. The same applies to toys made of wood, glass or stone: even small chips make them unsafe for further use. Blushfun Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg for Women G-spot Wearable Ball Wireless Vibrator Panties Female Sex Toys Goods for Adults

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