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Are Sex Toys Safe? - SC Sex Products


We love nothing more than some one-on-one time with our favourite sex toy. If you’re a regular user of toys or are thinking about making your first purchase - you may be wondering: Is it safe to use sex toys? We’ll give you a quick rundown on the safest sex toys, what to look out for when it comes to materials and more importantly - how to make sure that STI’s aren’t even an option when it comes to sharing your best bed pal with a partner.
What are phthalates?
Sex toy brands are becoming seriously savvy when it comes to safety. If you’re looking for a chemical free toy (and you should be, especially if you plan on using it regularly), it’s important to find out whether your sex toy contains phthalates. These nasties are often used to make products more pliable, so your flexible friend might contain chemicals that you’re unaware of. Phthalates are linked to all sorts of conditions, from mild irritations to more serious scares, like cancer. Though, not enough is known about phthalates to pull together a definitive list. So figuring out whether your product puts you in danger, is a biggie. The best place to start is the box. Does it say phthalate free? if it doesn’t, there’s a good chance that your toy contains some form of phthalates. A strong chemical smell is also a good indication that your intimate toy may not be as innocent as you thought. Phthalates can leak out of toys, and in turn be absorbed by your body. If you currently own a toy that isn’t free from phthalates, use a condom with it for added peace of mind.
Where do I find chemical free toys? 
Brands like Lelo, Pipedream, Blushfun, We-Vibe, MissVibe and more are always looking for ways to improve their products - giving you better alternatives that are just as sexy, but a whole lot safer. Our favourite phthalate free sex toys include the We-Vibe 3 for couples (this beauty contains no phthalates, no latex and no BPA, either). For guys, we love the Lelo Billy prostate massager which is latex and phthalate free, but still has perfect flexibility and a seriously sexy shaft.  For solo play, we can’t pass up the Leaf range. This range is eco-friendly (down to the packaging!) and inspired by nature. It’s free from phthalates and gives you all the luxury you’d expect from a high quality sex toy. MissVibe Couples Vibrator.
Are silicone sex toys safe? 
As far as sex toys go, silicone is a safer option when it comes to hygiene - as it’s non-porous and won’t encourage the spread of STI’s. Silicone lasts longer than jelly, rubber or porous substances and while it may cost slightly more, it makes a great investment for your toy box. Silicone sex toys still need to be properly cleaned, and we recommend a high quality anti-bacterial wash. Remember, silicone toys shouldn’t be used with silicone lubricants or hybrid lubricants, as these will cause the toys to wear at a much higher rate. Do keep them squeaky clean though, especially if you plan on sharing. For a safe silicone sex toy that's super easy to clean and maintain, try the Leaf Bloom +. 
Are TPR sex toys safe? 
TPR is a porous thermoplastic rubber. While it is phthalate free, it is more porous than silicone which means that a condom should be used if you’re sharing with a parter. TPR cannot be sterilised after use, which means that a thorough clean is absolutely essential. If you love to share your toys with your partner, go for something non porous like silicone.
Are Cyberskin sex toys safe? 
If you’re after a lifelike experience, Cyberskin is the perfect pick. It warms to body temperature easily and quickly, and gives you a natural feeling that mimics skin. The drawback with Cyberskin is that it’s porous, which means condoms do need to be used for added safety when sharing with a partner.
How do I clean a sex toy? 
If you’re planning on sharing your sex toy with a partner, remember to keep your play safe. This means using a condom with any porous toy, such as TPR, jelly or Cyberskin. If you want to share safely, a non porous material like silicone or ceramic is highly recommended. The Ceramix range is phthalate free, hypoallergenic and non porous - perfect for partner play! When cleaning your sex toy, make sure you clean according to the materials that it’s made of.
Ceramix Phthalate free sex toy
Cyberskin should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and an antibacterial soap like Lelo's PH balanced sex toy cleaner. Don’t use household cleaners or alcohol and remember to air dry before storage. Silicone can be kept in tip top shape with anti-bacterial soap. In some cases, silicone can be sterilised by boiling, but remember to check up on the cleaning instructions when you receive your toy. TPR toys can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water or with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

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